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May 10, 2011

This semester of reporting has been an amazing experience. Having a neighborhood blog not only helped my reporting skills, but introduced me to an incredible neighborhood, Hayes Valley. I had never been to Hayes Valley, but now I truly adore the area. The shops are great and the food is to die for! Already, I have brought my friends and family to visit the neighborhood and I, myself, plan on visiting soon. I really enjoyed making this blog and providing a resource that’s easy to use for locals and tourists alike.

I have to say that I don’t enjoy news writing so the pieces on crime, trials and other news related articles were especially difficult for me. However, I think that these skills are essential and will be beneficial to me throughout my career. My final story, on the redevelopment of Hayes Valley, was very interesting to write about. I can’t wait to see what else springs up in the neighborhood. If I had to sum up my neighborhood experience, I learned that Hayes Valley is on the cutting edge of technology, trends, food and eco-friendly solutions. The community truly takes pride in their neighborhood. Thank you to all the merchants, residents, visitors and community leaders who assisted me in putting together this blog. This is Ivanna Quiroz, San Francisco State Journalism, signing off.

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